A new era for perioperative care

AlongHealth is a digital health platform that allows health care providers to guide and accompany patients before, during, and after surgical procedures. Our innovative, individualized applications create a bridge between patients and their health care providers for optimal preparation, recovery, and follow-up care.

A powerful opportunity for improvement

Globally, over 300m surgical procedures are performed yearly – more than ever before and steadily growing. Of those, up to 30% of procedures result in postoperative complications.

Healthcare systems are strained

The cost of treatment for one major abdominal surgery complication can cost more than US$30.000. To avoid complications and the related high costs, patients face lengthy post-surgical hospitalization due to the lack of remote care and monitoring systems.

Additionally, due to the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of healthcare personnel, waiting times for elective surgery have increased significantly, and patients are less prepared for surgery, increasing the risk of complications.

1 in 5

people will need surgery within the next 12 months


of surgeries end up in complications


estimate cost in case of complication

Innovating for a more human remote care

To provide the best perioperative care, our digital solution is designed with and for doctors to effortlessly visualize and monitor patients' vitals and health metrics remotely and guide patients through personalized recommendations to optimally prepare them for surgery.

After the procedure, the care team can monitor the patient’s recovery remotely, enabling the early detection of complications, which reduces the length of stay and substantial costs per patient.

Remote and more present then ever

Surgeries are stressful and scary. We provide surgical patients with peace of mind knowing that their health is in good hands before and after their procedure.

Through the use of mobile monitoring devices, patients’ vitals are automatically synchronized while the manual entry of symptoms and necessary health metrics is quick and simple.

In the postoperative phase, patients can be released sooner, recover in the comfort of their own homes and rest assured that their medical team will detect any abnormalities as or before they occur.

Perioperative care
in the digital era

Through a detailed timeline users can visualise their patient journey, while at the same time receiving highly curated content relevant to their perioperative stage, so  they can learn more about their condition, treatment, how to best prepare for surgery and life after surgery.

Next generation healthcare, today. 

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Meet the AlongHealth team

At AlongHealth, we aim to optimize perioperative care, improve patient recovery and ease the burden on healthcare systems. We believe that scientific innovation and interoperable digital health solutions can shape the healthcare of tomorrow – today.

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